About Agataal

‘Aga’ is part of the Greek word ‘agathos’ meaning ‘good’ and ‘taal’ is the Dutch word for ‘language’. Agataal is simply very good at languages! Our objective is to teach our customers to communicate efficiently and we make every possible effort to make that happen.

When Agataal was established in 2001, Krystyna Krywen started teaching language lessons to various language schools and customers with great passion and professionalism and we have never looked back since. Agataal has now developed into a language institute with 4 permanent employees and an extensive, varied team of freelance and part-time language trainers. Solving language issues and teaching are what we were born to do, so we have always clearly focused on Agataal’s core business: tailor-made language training.

The composition of our team allows us to offer you the best possible service and flexibility. Our conscious choice of a personal approach guarantees that we are closely involved in your language project with excellent follow-up.

Each and every one of our language trainers is a skilled, motivated and dynamic teacher who is passionate about language. As a language school, Agataal attaches great importance to the close cooperation with its language trainers. That is the foundation for successful language training.

Over the years, Agataal specialised in various fields, as shown in our portfolio.

When it comes to languages, go for Agataal.