Language courses for children of expats

Target group
The children of expats.
Prior knowledge
Your child does not need any prior knowledge. The course is tailor-made and therefore fully adjusted to the child’s age, initial level and environment.
Course duration
From 10 hours.
Standard 30-hour package from 1555 euros, minimum 10-hour package from 555 euros (including administrative costs and course materials, excluding possible travel expenses).
Your child learns the foreign language through interactive exercises, games and conversation. Because the lesson is playful and varied, your child will not experience it as a “lesson” as such and the learning process will be smooth and pleasant. For this type of language training we use language trainers who are experienced in teaching languages to children. The discussed topics are decided in consultation with you.
Offered languages

Type of learning
face-to-face: from a few times a week to every day (immersion)