Language courses for beginners

Target group
Everyone who wants to learn a foreign language.
Prior knowledge
You do not need any prior knowledge. The course is tailor-made based on an individual oral and/or written needs analysis and language test. The content is also fully adjusted to your prior knowledge, needs and objectives.
Training duration
Starting from 20 hours to ensure minimal progress.
From 1015 euros (including administrative costs and course materials, excluding possible travel expenses) for 20 hours.
This course emphasises the communication aspect and provides you with oral exercises, conversation and simple simulations. Topics that are generally discussed include: getting acquainted, introductions, using polite phrases, speaking about daily activities and interests. The exercises can focus on general or business situations. The topics can be adjusted or expanded in consultation with you.
Offered languages

Type of learning

  • face-to-face: from a few times a week to every day (immersion)
  • blended learning
  • virtual classrooms