Telephone skills

Target group
Everyone who uses the phone regularly.
Prior knowledge
You should have at least an elementary knowledge of the language. The course is tailor-made and based on an individual oral and/or written needs analysis and language test. The content is also fully adjusted to your prior knowledge, needs and objectives.
Course duration
Starting from 20 hours to ensure minimal progress.
Standard 30-hour package from 1495 euros, minimum 20-hour package from 1015 euros (including administrative costs and course materials, excluding possible travel expenses).
You do interactive, functional exercises with a great deal of variation, such as conversation, role-play and simulations, so that you will be able to hold an efficient and fluent phone conversation as soon as possible.
Topics that may be discussed include: telephone reception, transferring or forwarding calls, taking and passing on messages, asking for or providing information, handling complaints and solving problems. If your language level is sufficient, we also pay attention to more difficult or delicate situations and subtle differences in the language. The topics can then be adjusted in consultation with you.
Offered languages

Type of learning

  • face-to-face: from a few times a week to every day (immersion)
  • blended learning
  • virtual classrooms