Introductory interview and needs analysis

Are you a private individual who wants to take a language course? Or are you a company that wishes to assess the language level of your current or future employees? Our written and oral language tests provide a detailed overview of your language level.
We do not limit ourselves to passive computer testing, but assess each language aspect separately. You may understand a lot, but find speaking the language rather difficult. You may know many words, but your fluency may be impaired by poor grammar.
  • Speaking (production and interaction)
  • Understanding (listening and reading)
  • Writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
Our language tests are based on the descriptions of the Common European Framework. This means that your language skills are reliably represented in a known framework. This may be useful in anticipation of a job interview or an exam, for example. If you start a language course with us, your language level is assessed first in order to personalise your course as much as possible. We use two extra levels (A01-A02) below the existing CEF levels. This gives you a good understanding of your current level. The levels are listed below.
A01 (beginner)
A02 (false beginner)
A1 (elementary poor – elementary fair)
A2 (elementary proficient – intermediate poor)
B1 (intermediate fair – intermediate proficient)
B2 (advanced)
C1 (highly advanced)
C2 (native speaker)