Face-to-face lessons, blended learning or e-learning

You can take face-to-face lessons at a location of your choice: in our classrooms, at your company or in your home. However, if distance and time are a problem for you, e-learning can offer the solution. E-learning prevents any problems with travel or an irregular lessons schedule. You literally learn where and when it suits you.  

Blended learning: face-to-face language lessons in combination with e-learning
You can combine your face-to-face language lessons in our classrooms, at your company or in your home with online exercises or lessons by video conferencing (in our so-called ‘virtual classrooms’). These can be useful to increase the number of contact hours, but can also serve as a complement or further training in order to maintain your achieved level or consolidate your knowledge further.
E-learning: “live” language lessons with virtual classrooms or online exercises
You can also opt for e-learning only and complete the entire course programme remotely. At Agataal, you receive an extensive package of interactive listening, reading and writing exercises, which can be done online or be supplied on a CD-ROM.