Target group
Everyone regularly leading or participating in meetings.
Prior knowledge
You have a good knowledge of the language. The course is tailor-made and based on an individual oral and/or written needs analysis and language test. The content is also fully adjusted to your prior knowledge, needs and objectives.
Course duration
From 30 hours.
Standard 30-hour package from 1555 euros, minimum 20-hour package from 1095 euros (including administrative costs and course materials, excluding possible travel expenses).
We tailor the course to suit your work situation, needs, goals and initial level. Topics that may certainly be discussed are: asking for or giving an opinion, asking for an explanation or clarification, interrupting someone, proposing something and responding to a proposal, rephrasing and summarising. If you regularly lead or chair meetings, the following topics may also be discussed: giving or taking the floor, chairing the meeting and opening and closing the meeting. Special attention is paid to conflict situations and subtle differences in questions, answers or explanations. The discussed topics are decided in consultation with you.
Offered languages

Type of learning

  • face-to-face: from a few times a week to every day (immersion)
  • blended learning
  • virtual classrooms